CAT 2023 Topper Achieves 100 Percentile: Unveiling the Success Story Beyond Coaching Classes and Social Media Detox

Inspired and guided by his sister, this 20-year-old from Visakhapatnam stands out as one of the few non-engineer toppers of CAT 2023.

CAT 2023 Topper: Vishnu’s father is a sales manager and his mother is a homemaker.

CAT 2023 Result:

In the CAT 2023 results, only three out of the 14 students who achieved a perfect 100 percentile came from non-engineering backgrounds, and one of them is 20-year-old Kumar Sai Vishnu from Visakhapatnam. Vishnu recently completed his BSc Statistics from Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management (GITAM), Visakhapatnam.

This marks Vishnu’s second attempt at the IIM entrance exams; in CAT 2022, he secured a 95.6 percentile. Now, with a remarkable 100 percentile, he is confident about securing a seat in either IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, or IIM Calcutta.

CAT 2023 Topper Mock tests – success:

In contrast to numerous CAT toppers, Vishnu opted not to enroll in any coaching classes for his preparation for the management entrance exam. Making the decision to take the CAT in July 2022, he commenced his preparation immediately. However, he chose to rely on previous year question papers and mock tests as his primary preparation resources.

Every morning, I dedicated time to read at least one article on the Internet related to a topic from the CAT syllabus. This routine helped me stay well-informed. Vishnu, committing nearly three hours to study every day, emphasizes the importance of continuous upskilling. According to him, this practice not only aids in clearing the exam but also contributes to enhancing one’s lifelong intelligence quotient.

Additionally, Vishnu incorporated the practice of solving either a previous year question paper or a mock test into his routine. “It is crucial to work on previous year question papers or mock tests as they contain some of the best and most important questions. I heavily relied on these two resources. Initially, I tackled previous year question papers, and later, I obtained mock tests from leading coaching institutes such as Career Launcher, solving one paper each day. I also enrolled in Career Launcher’s VARC 1000,” he elaborated.

Following each timed session, Vishnu ensured a thorough analysis of the questions he answered incorrectly, identified common mistakes, and assessed his strengths in specific topics. This analytical approach not only aided him in preparing for the challenging entrance exam but also allowed him to balance his undergraduate degree effectively.

CAT 2023 Topper: Journey of a Non-Engineer to 100 Percentile Success:

Vishnu stands among the top three performers with a non-engineering background. Addressing the prevalence of engineers in top ranks, he attributes it to the fact that in India, many of the brightest minds opt for IITs right after high school. Post-graduation, they embark on preparing for another challenging exam—CAT—to further enhance their skills.

Vishnu also notes that the composition of the question paper often favors engineers. However, in the recent CAT, he observes a well-balanced paper with no bias towards any specific field. This equilibrium in question types contributed to individuals like him, from a non-engineering background, securing top positions.

Vishnu’s sister, who is two years his senior, is currently pursuing studies at IIM Sirmaur, Himachal Pradesh. It was her success that motivated Vishnu to undertake the CAT.

I learned about CAT through her. With her having already excelled in the exam, my journey became more manageable. She provided guidance, and I just had to follow in her footsteps. Thanks to her, I had a clear understanding of what steps to take, what to avoid, and what the journey entails before and after clearing CAT,” he shared.

Trim the Excess: Simplify Your Life by Cutting Out Unnecessary Noise:

An enthusiast in human psychology literature, Vishnu offers advice to CAT aspirants: eliminate unnecessary distractions on social media, emphasizing the importance of avoiding excessive time on platforms like YouTube. He stresses the need to cut through the noise and maintain focus. For relaxation, Vishnu indulges in reading diverse books, particularly those delving into human psychology.

His guidance for CAT aspirants underscores the significance of persistence and self-confidence. According to Vishnu, mastering these qualities can significantly ease the perceived difficulty of the CAT examination.

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