CLAT Cut Off 2024: Explore Category-wise Cut Off Marks for a Competitive Edge

The Consortium of National Law Universities is set to unveil the CLAT Cut Off 2024 on its official website Explore the anticipated Category-wise Cut Off in this informative article. Stay tuned for the latest updates on CLAT 2024 cut-off marks.

CLAT Cut Off 2024: The Consortium of National Law Universities (NLUs) will unveil the CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) 2024 Cut Off on its official website.
The eagerly awaited CLAT 2024 Cut Off has been officially released for 52,000 students, with results declared. This year’s CLAT was considered easier, hinting at a prospective Cut Off above 90 marks for top NLUs. Separate Cut Offs for each counseling round will ensure transparency and fairness in the admission process. Stay tuned for the latest updates on CLAT 2024 Cut Off marks.

CLAT Cut Off 2024: Consortium of National Law Universities (NLUs) Official Cut Off Marks:

The CLAT 2024 Cut Off is a pivotal determinant for students, serving as a key factor in the selection process for law programs. Post-exams, these cutoff marks provide an objective evaluation of a candidate’s performance, allowing them to assess eligibility and make well-informed decisions. Students surpassing the CLAT Cut Off 2024, released separately by NLUs, become eligible to apply for admission to BA LLB and LLM courses in their preferred institutes. The differences in cutoff marks across various law colleges empower students to make informed decisions about their application choices. Stay updated with the CLAT 2024 Cut Off for a strategic approach to your law education journey.

CLAT 2024 Expected Cut Off (Category Wise): Anticipated Cutoff Marks for Strategic Planning:

Please be advised that the predicted Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) 2024 Cut Off will range depending on the category. Based on historical data, the expected CLAT Cut Off 2024 for the general category is projected to range from 75 to 80 marks in the top three NLUs. Candidates scoring between 80 and 90 marks will likely secure admission to other highly-ranked NLUs. Stay informed about category-wise Cut Off updates for a clearer understanding of your admission prospects.

CLAT Cut Off 2024 (Expected)
CategoriesCLAT Cut Off Marks

CLAT Cut Off 2024 NLU Wise: Category-specific Cutoff Marks for Strategic Admission Planning:

After the release of the CLAT Result 2024 on December 10, 2023, candidates are now invited to review the CLAT Counselling 2024 Schedule. For a strategic approach to admission planning, students can assess the CLAT Expected Cut Off 2024 NLU wise. This comprehensive Cut Off information aids candidates in planning their entrance into the top National Law University. For further clarity, an overview of the expected CLAT Cut Off 2024 for the top 10 NLUs is provided below. Stay informed to navigate the admission process with confidence.

CLAT 2024 Expected Cut Off NLU-wise
NLSIU Bangalore95+
NALSAR Hyderabad95+
WBNUJS Kolkata90+
NLU Jodhpur85+
NLU Bhopal85+
GNLU Gandhinagar85+
MNLU Mumbai82+
RMLNLU Lucknow78+
NLU Odisha75+

CLAT Previous Year Cutoff 2023:

While we wait for the announcement of CLAT 2024 Cut Off, a thorough analysis of the trends in CLAT Cut Off from the preceding three years (2023, 2022, and 2021) might offer interesting information. We provide category-wise Cut Offs (General, SC/ST, and OBC category Cut Offs) for the top NLUs in the upcoming article. The Cut Off for the Common Law Admission Test varies every year depending on variables including candidate volume and exam difficulty. Typically, esteemed law schools like the National Law School of India University (NLSIU) Bangalore, the National Academy of Legal Studies and Research (NALSAR) Hyderabad, among others, establish their Cut Offs. In recent years, Cut Offs for top national law universities have ranged from approximately 90 to 130 out of 150 marks. Stay tuned for the latest updates on CLAT 2024 Cut Off for informed decision-making in your admission journey.

Recognizing the pivotal role cutoff marks play in establishing eligibility for admission, it’s essential to delve into the specifics. In 2023, the CLAT LLB Opening rank for WBNUJS, Kolkata stood at 136, with a closing rank of 14805. For detailed insights, candidates are encouraged to explore the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) Cut Off 2023 provided below. Stay informed to make well-informed decisions regarding your admission journey.

College NameLLB Opening RankLLB Closing Rank
NLSIU, Bangalore17829
NALSAR, Hyderabad2512004
WBNUJS, Kolkata13614805
NLU, Jodhpur709131
GNLU, Gandhinagar14715666
NLU, Bhopal18619810
RMNLU, Lucknow42325951
HNLU, Raipur42540767
NLU, Odisha50424895
NUSLR, Ranchi93929244
CMLU, Patna (BA LLB Hons)62824021
NLUJAA, Guwahati110242713
DSNLU, Vishakhapatnam53837010
TNNLS, Tiruchirapalli (BA LLB Hons)57739529
MNLU, Mumbai32530641
MNLU, Aurangabad (B.A. L.L.B Hons)68642313
MNLU, Aurangabad (B.B.A L.L.B Hons)160042196
MNLU, Nagpur (B.A. L.L.B Hons)60642466
MNLU, Nagpur (B.B.A. L.L.B Hons)55041149
HPNLU, Shimla (B.A. L.L.B Hons)82237850
HPNLU, Shimla (B.B.A. L.L.B Hons)61731498
MPDNLU, Jabalpur116341671

CLAT Cut Off 2022:

Candidates are recommended to review the Common Law Admission Test Cut Off 2022, listed below, for more references. Students can prepare themselves tactically and create reasonable goals based on their expectations by looking at the cutoff trends from prior years. For the NLSIU Bangalore in 2022, the CLAT LLB Opening rank was 1. However, 85 was the closing rank.

College NameLLB Opening RankLLB Closing Rank
NLSIU, Bangalore185
NALSAR, Hyderabad8162
WBNUJS, Kolkata117257
NLU, Jodhpur155378
GNLU, Gandhinagar175430
NLU, Bhopal241451
RMNLU, Lucknow377756
NLU, Odisha4701191
NUSLR, Ranchi9331603
CMLU, Patna9321498
NLUJAA, Guwahati11311979
DSNLU, Vishakhapatnam10021589
TNNLS, Tiruchirapalli8071816
MNLU, Mumbai64548
MNLU, Aurangabad13902323
MNLU, Nagpur9991657
HPNLU, Shimla10562302
MPDNLU, Jabalpur13142262

CLAT Cut Off 2021:

NLUsLLB Closing Ranks (Round 1)LLB Closing Ranks (Round 2)LLB Closing Ranks (Round 3)LLB Closing Ranks (Round 4)LLB Closing Ranks (Round 5)
NLSIU Bangalore8083
NALSAR Hyderabad163163172
NLIU Bhopal350358372378
WBNUJS Kolkata216223227233241
NLU Jodhpur317329336343356
HNLU Raipur651675733765
GNLU Gandhinagar348362366375
RMNLU Lucknow600633641658676
RGNLU Patiala94096397310031075
CNLU Patna11841268126912821312
NUALS Kochi9781032107511051144
NLU Odisha945993100110321072
NUSRL Ranchi12331338133914001507
TNLS Tiruchirappalli14691586160617101834
DSNLU Visakhapatnam11581283128613521473
MNLU Mumbai423424434442453
MNLU Nagpur12761334134614191448
MNLU Aurangabad15751672171018212022
NLSJA Assam13371443144715301659
DNLU Jabalpur15331685172118411996
HPNLU Shimla15981743180018692009
DBANLU Sonepat16691794184819272040
CLAT Passing Marks 2024: Key Insights into Minimum Scores for a Successful Entrance:

The passing marks for the CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) vary annually and are set by the consortium of National Law Universities overseeing the exam. Typically, candidates must achieve a minimum percentage of marks to qualify. Candidates’ placement is determined by their rank in the CLAT exam 2024, which, in turn, relies on their performance in the entrance examination. In situations where two or more candidates share the same score in the CLAT examination 2024, authorities apply tie-breaking criteria. These criteria, established by the exam conducting authorities, aim to ensure a fair and transparent process in determining the final ranks. Stay informed about CLAT passing marks 2024 for a clearer understanding of the qualification process.

Factors Affecting the CLAT Cut Off: Understanding the Variables in Admission Trends:
  1. Difficulty Level of the Exam:
    • The complexity of the CLAT exam plays a significant role in determining the Cut Off. If a particular year’s paper is more challenging, the Cut Off may be adjusted to reflect the level of difficulty.
  2. Number of Candidates:
    • The total number of candidates appearing for the CLAT exam can impact the Cut Off. A higher number of candidates might lead to increased competition, potentially raising the Cut Off marks.
  3. Availability of Seats:
    • The number of available seats in NLUs also influences the Cut Off. If the seats are limited, fierce competition ensues, potentially leading to a rise in the Cut Off.
  4. Reservation Policies:
    • CLAT follows a reservation policy that allocates a certain percentage of seats to different categories like General, SC, ST, OBC, etc. The Cut Off may vary based on the distribution of candidates across these categories.
  5. Previous Year Trends:
    • Historical data and trends from previous years can provide insights into the expected Cut Off. Candidates often refer to past years’ Cut Offs to gauge the level of competition.
  6. Performance of Candidates:
    • The overall performance of candidates in the exam can impact the Cut Off. If candidates, on average, perform exceptionally well, the Cut Off may increase.
  7. Question Paper Set:
    • The selection of question sets for the exam can influence the Cut Off. Different sets of questions may have varying difficulty levels, affecting the overall performance of candidates.
  8. Normalization Process:
    • CLAT may use a normalization process for fairness, particularly with variations in the difficulty levels of different question sets. This process can impact the final Cut Off.

In summary, a variety of factors affect the CLAT Cut Off’s dynamic aspect. Candidates should stay informed about these variables to better strategize their preparation and set realistic expectations. Understanding these factors enhances aspirants’ admission chances to top law programs in prestigious NLUs.

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