KCET 2024: Anticipated Topic-wise Weightage in PCMB for Exam Preparation

Explore KCET 2024 Expected Topic-Wise Weightage: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. Mark your calendars for the scheduled exam on April 20 and 21, 2024.

KCET 2024 Topic wise Weightage in PCMB for Exam Preparation
KCET 2024 Topic Wise Weightage In PCMB For Exam Preparation: CollegeSutra

KCET 2024: Expected Topic-wise Weightage for Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology:

Karnataka Examinations Authority is set to conduct the KCET exam on April 20 and 21, 2024. Aspirants preparing for KCET 2024 can review the expected topic-wise weightage in subjects like Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. This anticipated topic-wise weightage is formulated from past trends, offering candidates valuable insights. Utilizing the chapter-wise weightage can assist candidates in refining their preparation strategy.

KCET Mathematics Expected Topic Wise Weightage:

Explore the expected topic-wise weightage for Mathematics in the upcoming KCET 2024 based on trends from previous years.

Understanding the distribution of topics provides valuable insights for candidates preparing for the exam. It enables them to focus on key areas, enhancing their overall readiness.

Stay informed and align your study plan with the anticipated weightage for a strategic advantage in tackling the Mathematics section of the KCET exam.

Mathematical Reasoning5 – 7
Statistics6 – 8
Linear Inequalities7 – 9
Introduction to 3-D Geometry6 – 8
Principle of Mathematical Induction4 – 6
Matrices7 – 9
Inverse Trigonometric Functions7 – 8
Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations7 – 9
Binomial Theorem6 – 8
Permutation and Combination8 – 10
Sets7 – 9
Linear Programming5 – 6
Application of Integrals7 – 8

KCET Physics Expected Topic Wise Weightage:

Explore the expected topic-wise weightage for KCET Physics based on the analysis of the previous year. This insight will assist candidates in prioritizing their preparation, focusing on crucial topics for the upcoming exam.

Gravitation7 – 9
Nuclei6 – 7
Atoms6 – 7
Kinetic Theory3 – 4
Units and Measurement2 – 4
Physical-world2 – 4
Motion in a Straight Line5 – 7
Oscillations5 – 7
Thermodynamics5 – 7
Mechanical Properties of Solids3 – 4
Mechanical Properties of Fluids3 – 4
Magnetism and Matter5 – 7
Alternating Current5 – 7
Electromagnetic Induction5 – 6
Communication Systems2 – 3
Electromagnetic Waves1 – 2

KCET Chemistry Expected Topic Wise Weightage:

Explore the expected topic-wise weightage for KCET Chemistry based on the analysis of the previous year.

Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties7 – 9
Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry6 – 8
Hydrogen2 – 3
Redox Reactions3 – 4
Environmental Chemistry1 – 2
p-Block Elements5 – 7
s-Block Elements5 – 6
Solutions5 – 7
Solid State6 – 7
Thermodynamics3 – 4
Polymers4 – 6
Biomolecules6 – 7
General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements3 – 4
Surface Chemistry4 – 6
Haloalkenes and Haloarenes5 – 6
Coordination Compounds5 – 6
Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen5 – 6
Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers6 – 7
Chemistry in Everyday Life3 – 4

KCET Expected Topic Wise Weightage For Biology:

Explore the expected topic-wise weightage for KCET Biology based on the analysis of the previous year.

Chapters and Sub-TopicsExpected No. of Questions
Biotech: Principles and Processes4 – 6
Organism and Population5 – 6
Microbes in Human Welfare5 – 7
Human Reproduction6 – 7
Ecosystem4 – 6
Environmental Issues5 – 6
Biomolecules3 – 5
Reproductive Health4 – 5
Evolution4 – 5
Neural Control and Co-ordination4 – 5
Photosynthesis in Higher Plants4 – 5
Plant Kingdom3 – 5
Cell Cycle and Cell Division3 – 5
Plant Growth and Development3 – 5
Locomotion and Movement3 – 4
Body fluids and Circulation3 – 4
Morphology of Flowering Plants3 – 4
Biotech: Application4 – 5
Reproduction in Organisms4 – 5
Biodiversity and Conservation3 – 4
Anatomy and Flowering Plants3 – 4
Excretory Products and their Elimination2 – 3
Digestion and Absorption2 – 3
Breathing and Exchange of Gases2 – 3
Living World2 – 3
Biological Classification2 – 3
KCET 2024

Preparing for Success: KCET 2024 Exam Guide:

The Karnataka Common Entrance Test (KCET) is a crucial examination for aspiring engineers and medical professionals. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you prepare effectively for the KCET 2024:

  1. Understand the Syllabus: Familiarize yourself with the KCET 2024 syllabus. Identify key topics in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology to streamline your preparation.
  2. Create a Study Schedule: Plan a realistic study schedule that allocates ample time to each subject. Balance your study sessions to avoid burnout.
  3. Use Quality Study Material: Utilize recommended textbooks, reference guides, and online resources to ensure a thorough understanding of concepts.
  4. Solve Previous Year Papers: Practice with previous year’s KCET question papers to get acquainted with the exam pattern and identify recurring themes.
  5. Take Mock Tests: Simulate exam conditions by taking regular mock tests. This will improve your time management skills and boost confidence.
  6. Focus on Weak Areas: Identify your weak areas through practice tests and allocate more time to improve your understanding of challenging topics.
  7. Stay Updated: Keep abreast of any changes in the exam pattern or syllabus. Stay informed about important dates and guidelines.
  8. Seek Clarifications: Don’t hesitate to seek clarification on doubts. Join study groups, forums, or consider hiring a tutor if needed.
  9. Health and Well-being: Maintain a healthy lifestyle. A well-rested and healthy mind performs better. Ensure you get adequate sleep, exercise, and maintain a balanced diet.
  10. Revision is Key: Regularly revise your notes and key concepts. This reinforces your learning and helps in better retention.

Remember, success in KCET 2024 requires a strategic and disciplined approach. By following these guidelines, you can enhance your preparation and increase your chances of securing a good rank in the KCET exam. Good luck!

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