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Shiv Nadar comes out with new secret investment that’s making hundreds of people in India very rich. The Biggest Scandal Of 2023

HDFC Bank sues Shiv Nadar for what he said live on television
HDFC Bank sues Shiv Nadar for what he said live on television

New Delhi ,UPDATED: Dec 12, 2023 CollegeSutra

HDFC Bank sues Shiv Nadar for what he said live on television.

The scandal occurred during a live program when Shiv Nadar accidentally revealed his secret on the show. Many viewers paid attention to Shiv Nadar’s “accidental” words and began sending messages to the broadcast. However, the program was interrupted by a call from HDFC Bank, demanding the halt.

Fortunately, we managed to convince the India Today producer to provide a copy of the recordings of the program. If you have had the time to read this article, pay close attention, as it might be removed soon, just like the broadcast. Therefore, if you are fortunate enough to read this article, you may want to check the link provided by Shiv Nadar himself.

Deleted Interview with Shiv Nadar, the Fear of All Banks

The Biggest Scandal Of 2023 By: Deleted Interview with Shiv Nadar, the Fear of All Banks.
The Biggest Scandal Of 2023 By: Deleted Interview with Shiv Nadar, the Fear of All Banks.

Shiv Nadar: “I will say this: to be rich, it is not necessary to work. So, when you understand this concept, you will start making money more easily.”

Rahul Shivshankar: “It’s easy to say when you are already rich and famous. However, what about everyone else who has to struggle every day at work to feed their families? You want to know? Anyway, money is never enough.”

Shiv Nadar: “Do you think I haven’t worked hard enough? Or that I wasn’t as poor as most Indians? You can be sure that if I had to live on just a salary, I would never have been a millionaire. Every time someone says I was just lucky, I laugh because nowadays, the Internet literally offers the opportunity to get rich without leaving the couch.”

Rahul Shivshankar: “Are you saying there’s a way to make money that works for everyone? Hard to believe…” said Rahul Shivshankar.

It became clear that this phrase bothered Shiv Nadar. He argued with the host and accidentally revealed the loophole in the system that made him rich.

Shiv Nadar: “If you don’t believe it, I’ll prove it. Give me ₹ 25,500, and with this platform Ethereum 5.0 iFex, I’ll make a million in just 12 to 15 weeks.”

Rahul Shivshankar: “Ah, I heard it’s a program that uses artificial intelligence to trade cryptocurrencies. Now everyone watching us knows its name.”

Shiv Nadar: “I’m ready to pay ₹ 1,700,000 right now if you cut this broadcast. I didn’t mean to say the name of the platform. Take it off the air.”

Rahul Shivshankar: “Just a reminder, this program is LIVE. All our viewers heard that you’re getting rich on the platform Ethereum 5.0 iFex. You revealed yourself. Tell us, common Indians, how we can make money the same way you do. Or do millionaires not care about ordinary people?”

Shiv Nadar: “Don’t speak as if I were a savage. Of course, I’ll tell you how to make money. First, lend me your phone and let me invest ₹ 25,500.” (The Biggest Scandal Of 2023)

Rahul Shivshankar handed his phone to Shiv Nadar; after that, Shiv registered in the project using this link. After 5 minutes, Shiv returned the phone.

Shiv Nadar: “I just registered on Ethereum 5.0 iFex with your phone. This platform is a 100% perfect solution for those who want to get rich quickly. It is based on self-learning artificial intelligence that trades cryptocurrencies on its own. You don’t need to do anything. I mean, you don’t need to understand how cryptocurrencies work. This program determines the perfect time to buy and sell assets and completes transactions by itself. The advantage is that you don’t need to do anything. Just make a minimum deposit to be able to trade money, and the program will work on its own. Not only do I recommend it, I insist that all Indians use this platform. They will quickly forget they ever had to work.”

Rahul Shivshankar: “It really sounds good and legitimate. However, how much can you really earn with this?”

Shiv Nadar: “Remember, about 20 minutes ago, I took your phone, registered it on this platform, and made the minimum deposit I mentioned, which is only ₹ 25,500. Now, open the application and see for yourself how much you have managed to earn in such a short time.”

The Biggest Scandal Of 2023 By: Ratan Tata comes out with new secret investment that's making hundreds of people in India very rich.

Ratan Tata comes out with new secret investment that’s making hundreds of people in India very rich.

Rahul Shivshankar opened his personal account on the platform Ethereum 5.0 iFex and was amazed. In just 20 minutes, the program performed 3 transactions: 1 was insignificant, but the other two were successful and generated good profits. The balance increased from ₹ 25,500 to ₹ 30,000.

Shiv Nadar: “Now tell me honestly, how much did you earn in these 20 minutes?”

Rahul Shivshankar: “₹ 4,500 in net profit. It’s incredible!”

Shiv Nadar: “Try to imagine how much money will be in the balance within a month. If you invest at least ₹ 25,500 now, in 4 weeks you’ll have 6 or 7 thousand. You just need to register on the platform Ethereum 5.0 iFex, fund your balance, and press a button.”

Rahul Shivshankar: “How does this work?”

Shiv Nadar: “Cryptocurrencies are constantly changing in value. That’s why you can make good money with them. Buy during a drop and sell during the rise. However, to make an accurate prediction, it is necessary to take into account 37 financial indicators, which professionals call ‘signals.’ Therefore, Ethereum 5.0 iFex is a platform with a self-learning algorithm that analyzes all those 37 variables in real-time. Thus, it works faster and more accurately than an entire team of professional investors. Its main feature is that it can work automatically. The user doesn’t have to do anything! The program works all the time, generating a lot of profit without the need to do anything.”

Rahul Shivshankar: “If it’s so simple, why didn’t you talk about this trick before?”

Shiv Nadar: “I don’t care if people in India start making money this way. But think about it. If everyone starts making thousands of Indian rupees a day, who will work? Why a taxi driver, a doctor, a police officer, or a teacher would work when they can earn much more money using only technology and five minutes of their time each day?”

Rahul Shivshankar: “How much money do I need to invest to earn around a million Indian rupees as quickly as possible?”

Shiv Nadar: “Try starting with a minimum deposit. ₹ 25,500 will be enough for the program to work for you. If you don’t withdraw your profits, the first million can be earned in a maximum of 4 months. But don’t think this is a solution to poverty. Sometimes, the algorithm makes mistakes. About 20% of the time. However, 80% of the remaining transactions are profitable.”

Rahul Shivshankar: “I’m sorry, we just received an urgent call from HDFC Bank. They demanded that we interrupt this broadcast immediately…”

Shiv Nadar: “I’m not surprised. I understand them. If I were them, I would be afraid too. Imagine how much money they can lose. They are against the idea that ordinary Indians are learning an easy way to get rich. I have already said everything they need to quickly make money. They only need an internet connection and a registration link. But don’t think this is a solution to poverty. Sometimes, the algorithm makes mistakes. About 20% of the time. However, 80% of the transactions remaining are profitable.”

“I don’t know how long this will be free. I hope you can use it before it closes. By the way, I’ve heard that, in a few days, registration on the platform will be paid, so I recommend hurrying.”

After that, the broadcast was interrupted again. The investigation at India Today continued. The program’s editor decided to personally check Ethereum 5.0 iFex and later wrote a detailed report. (The Biggest Scandal Of 2023)

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